International Money Transfer for Property Purchases

International money transfers for buying property abroad - transferring deposits and mortgages

  • What you need to do

You need to transfer either a mortgage or deposit across international borders in order to secure your property abroad.

  • The priorities

You need to ensure your British pound sterling buys as much local currency as possible. You need your money to be safe and you need the transaction to be executed as fast as possible.

You need to engage someone who can offer you the chance to utilise various tools that allow you to minimise risk on the FX markets and execute exchange rate orders at the best possible rates.

Your bank, unfortunately, does not offer these services to normal retail clients

  • Things can get complicated

Do you need to make multiple payments? The exchange rate market will move many times over the course of the following months - you need to set stop loss orders or agree a set exchange rate to minimise your risk.

To make protect yourself from foreign exchange rate fluctuations and to get the best rates, get in touch with a broker and learn more.


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